Deb Fleck-Stabley

Mixed Media Wall Panels

About the Artist

I have worked as a professional artist since 1984, showing and selling my work in a variety of venues, as well as teaching in various workshop settings. I am currently doing some clay work and also 2-d mixed media wall pieces using a polymer cement process over wood.

My inspirations are many. I am drawn to and fascinated by the natural world. I am also continually amazed and intrigued by the variety of personalities and energy of the people I come into contact with.

Whether I am portraying people or nature in my work, I am interested in delving deeper into the “thing”, scratching the surface to reveal the many layers of its existence. There is a magic, an electricity and buzz of energy there that should be fully experienced. Through the use of color and texture, I hope to create an interesting sense of depth and hope that my work invites the viewer in, to explore these many layers with me.